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- Suicide DollZ & Genre & Romp & The secret affair -

hey hey :) Got a new special post for you :) I like to present you a lot of pretty items of "Suicide DollZ" of the current round. First of all this lovely harness by "Nana" available in different colors. And those dangerous spike set of "Xansa" and as you see the cage its made by "The pose shop" and comes with a lot of poses. It's all up to "Suicide DollZ" until 29th of July. And what do you all think about this amazing matching collar? It's made by "Tabou" an exclusive for "Romp" event. The tattoo you see is by "Mad" for "Genre" and I've used again the beautiful eyes of "Arise" with the color "floor" for "The secret affair"
I hope you all enjoy the sunny weather ♥ 
see ya tomorrow :)

Body :

Clothing :

Accessories :

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