LOTD# 951


- Enchantment & Cosmopolitan & Color me project -

Hey hey! I have an really cute chinese style outfit for you today ♥ This kimono is made by for KiB Designs. And this pretty pieces like the shoes, hair pin, hair comb and bag are all of Anachron. And this pretty collar is by :FF:. This awesome polish is an other pretty creation by ZOZ for Cosmopolitan. And this beautiful eyes are made by ARISE exclusive for Enchantment. I really do like this outfit ♥ I hope you think the same :) greetings :)

Body :

Clothing :

Accessories :
  • Comb: Anachron - Spring Kushi/Comb Kanzashi - Ume Rare
  • Pin: Anachron - Spring Kanzashi/Hairpin - Sakura & Lantern SoI
  • Choker: :FF: Usagi Collar (Chibimoon) (Gold)
  • Bag: Anachron - Kinchaku Purse - Sakura

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