LOTD# 950


- Enchantment & Suicide DollZ & Cosmopolitan & Mesh body addicts fair -

Hi everybody I have a new Outfit for you (yepp I know I'm really late today sorry) well this beautiful Outfit is by GizzA for Mesh Body Addicts Fair what runs only until Sunday so hurry up :) And I have some new Items of the current round of Suicide Dollz. First the pretty hand tattoo by ARISE and this super cute ring set by Diamante all at Suicide Dollz. And I really like to present you the new shoes by Glamistry the same designer who made this pretty sunglasses. And I have two more new items what I really like to show you. First this beautiful eyes are made by ARISE exclusive for Enchantment and this super lovely polish by ZOZ exclusive for Cosmopolitan. Have all a great evening ♥

Body :

Clothing :

Accessories :

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