LOTD# 914


- The secret affair & Hair Fair & Buy Now -

He ya! :) A new post and new awesome pieces for you :) First of all I got the new dress of "The Annex" for you an exclusive for the "buy now" event on marketplace available in three diffrent colors. And the lovely heels of "Elysium" I've blogged before. I've really adore the necklace of "JAS" he made a couple of weeks ago and the really lovely bracelets of "Sh" formaly known as "Xansa" are in my view a perfect match. And I like to present you one of the awesome new hair of "Tabou" for the "Hair Fair 2016" It's so pretty ♥ and as I told you yesterday, an other set of the "Arise" eyes for "the secret affair" and I will use them more often because they are so well made ♥
have fun guys :) 

Body :

Clothing :

Accessories :
  • Necklace: {JAS} Bubu - Bronze - Gold
  • Bracelet: :(SH): I love Boho - V1 - GreenWhite 

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